Being A Player May Eventually Lose You The Game

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We live in the world and the time where all sorts of sexual Liberties. What may have been outright shunned and declared a sin in the eyes of God is a perfectly valid choice for an individual to make today. Although the tradition of monogamy still continues, there are individuals who feel the need to go from one partner to another relentlessly. While these individuals may be admired by some, the truth is that there are usually latent issues underlying safely behind this kind of behavior, ones that may be much more serious than one might give credit for.

There are no long term relationships

A person who is addicted to sex will often float from one relationship to another seamlessly, transitioning between different partners and generally being easily approached both sexually and emotionally. Although some might argue that more sex is certainly not an issue, it can lead to the person addicted to sex staying in an abusive or very unhealthy relationship just to still their fear of being abandoned. At the Huston Centre Psychotherapy & Recovery,  groups and individual sessions with a professional revolving around sex addiction therapy can be a good way to help the individual recover.

A dangerous game

The downside of feeling the need to constantly switch between partners is also that the afflicted individual may fall victim to a sexually transmitted disease. Recent Studies of the USDA have shown that on average, 38% of men and 45% of women with sex addictions have contracted a sexually transmitted disease due to their behavior.

It may lead to more complex issues

If not addressed as soon as discovered, addiction to sexual intercourse can easily spiral out of control into much more severe disorders there are many times harder to treat. After a steady decline in one’s personal relationships, and social life in general, strong feelings of shame and inadequacy may further prompt them to feel anxious or depressed or even turn to substance abuse to help cope with their issue. It is very important to at least give sex addiction therapy a try. Such risky sexual behavior can certainly lead to bigger and more complex issues that may not be resolved, if the issue is left unattended for long enough.