Different Types Of Taxi Hire Services

Daily commuting is an important part of the working life of most professionals in Bournemouth. It can be termed as essential for urban life. This is the reason behind the taxi services going ever strong. They are the ones that help people reach places in time, at lesser costs and more comfort. Taxi in Bournemouth has enjoyed a transformational career with time and there are a number of variations and types introduced as such. Here are some of them.

Private Hiring

This is a common format of these services. In this, the traveler is required to pre-book the ride for the scheduled time and destination. There are different modes for booking them which includes telephones, internet, and even faxes. However, the contact is always made to the service company and not the cab driver. The drivers of the cabs have a specific license for ‘private hire’ for which they are required to clear a small topographical test.

Taxis for special needs

These are utility services and are specialized for differently abled persons. Taxis for special needs have a unique design to them and are filled with facilities that make traveling easy for disabled people and sometimes patients. For instance, they have extendable ramps that make it easy for people in wheelchairs to enter.


Taxi services also have a luxury-based counterpart. These services are used on specific occasions like meetings, special guest pickup, and sometimes even partying. Such service providers maintain a large and dynamic fleet for the clients to choose from based upon the purpose. They are largely used by businessmen and other elite classes